“So clever, so funny, so true!”

“Bill is a poet who crafts his reflections of life into beautiful songs for thirsty ears.”

“He’s the real deal. A deep artist”

“Watching Witnessing a master at his craft and calling.”

“His original songs have a great storyline and catch the listeners’ ear.” Adam Young

“Your singing and guitar playing are magical for me. Your renditions of Beatles songs are amazing!” Mike Humphrey, England

“Listening to him perform is like a therapeutic release.” Flo , Winnipeg

“We’re looking forward to hosting you, Bill. Thanks, as always, for playing in our space. We’re very much looking forward to having you back!” John Toews

“Awesome to have you here! You are just incredible, I really loved hearing you again!”     Laurie Anne Tomin, Evedars Bistro

“Loved the set we heard last night – You shone like a star! You are great, so glad to have you!” Paul Krismer, Happiness Experts