A new page about the musical group Gravitation. We can be a number of configurations. A duo with myself and Burke Rosen, a trio of various alignments. (guitars and bass. guitars and percussion. guitars bass and percussion)

CD List

  1. What’s in Your Heart
  2. When
  3. You’ve Got a Friend
  4. Cathedral Sunrise
  5. Rainy Day People
  6. On My Way Now
  7. I Was Young
  8. Sunshine Too
  9. Just Another Day
  10. Sunny Harbour
  11. Mr Bojangles
  12. Music of the Summer Highway
  13. Trash Collector
  14. Lake in the Woods
  15. Ella B
  16. I Want to be Seduced
  17. Falcon Lake
  18. For Jake
  19. Scarborough Fair
  20. Sultans of Swing
  21. A Soulin’

Bill Hamilton.

Burke Rosen.

Gravitation Is Bill Hamilton, Brad Hawkes, and Burke Rosen. These guys have a synchronicity that attracts audiences. They are an acoustic trio grounded in folk, roots and blues. Bill and Burke trade off vocal leads, harmonize and expertly work acoustic and electric guitars. Brad is the drummer for all seasons. They will hold your attention for hours, and you will be sorry when they need to pack up and go home

Bill Hamilton
Bill has been a performer since his teens working with other musicians in folk and rock formats and also as a solo singer songwriter.
Early musical influences include international classic hits by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, CCR, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, and more.
Bill is also an artful and humorous story teller with engaging intros to his songs.
Bill’s own compositions are uplifting with a touch of McCartney charm. He writes about relationships, natural wonders, mysterious legends, love, family life, and more.
An inspiring writer, arranger and singer.
He’s performed in everything from Folk Festivals to Theatrical Productions… a man for all musical seasons! His talent and love of music walks with him everywhere.
Lately Bill Has been collaborating with Burke Rosen and Brad Hawkes as Gravitation.
Lives in Chemainus B.C.

Burke Rosen
Burke Robert Rosen lives in Victoria. His music story started in Winnipeg, when he began playing with folk rock bands at the age of 15. From his many years of experience, he has a large repertoire – mostly folk, roots and blues. He does an accomplished Travis style of acoustic guitar picking; his vocals are warm and versatile. Burke can hold audience attention for hours with a wide range of covers and originals.

Brad Hawkes
Brad Hawkes has two passions in life. Forest fire research and percussion.
He is now retired from the first but enjoying the second.
His love of drumming started in 1964 when his dad bought him his first set of drums.
His first gigs were playing along with the jukebox at sock hops.
Brad started playing congas in the late 60s in coffee houses.
Brad has recorded and performed with a variety of songwriters, choirs and bands on Vancouver Island.
His music styles include folk, country, bluegrass, Celtic, jazz, rock, Latin, Persian, blues and choral

Here’s a link to my utube channel where Gravitation tunes can be heard and seen.

Gravitation Brad Hawkes, Bill Hamilton, Burke Rosen

A synergistic blend of talent, experience and joy of music. Classics and originals. Mysterious inspiration. We invite you to join us.


May 16th Esquimalt Market 6:15-7:15.

May 18th James Bay Mkt. Burke and friends

May 25th James Bay Gravitation 11:15-12:45

June 15th James Bay Gravitation 11;15-12:45

June 29th Duncan Market 10:00-2:00

July 8th Duncan 39 Days of July 1:00 pm

July 10th Oak Bay Market 4-6 pm.

July 18th Duncan 39 Days of July 2:00 pm

July 20th Oak Bay Ave. Noon – 2:00

August 2nd Oak Bay on the Ave. Noon-2:00

August 8th Sidney Market 7-8:15 pm

August 11th at Ruby’s Barn 4859 Elk Rd.

August 24th Colwood corners 5:30-7:30

August 31st Duncan Market 10:00am-2:00pm

October 4th Spiral Cafe. 6:30-8:30


May 6th The Duncan Farmers Market 10:00-2:00

May 12th Spiral Cafe in Victoria 6:30-8:30

June 17th James Bay Market 11:15-12:45

July 1st Duncan Market 10:00-2:00

July 15th James Bay Market 11:15-12:45

July 27th HCP alumni celebration.
Horticultural Centre of the Pacific

August 12th James Bay Market 11:15-12:45

August 13th HCP fundraiser 2:00-4;00

Aug26th James Bay market 9:30-11:15

August 26th Nanaimo Beban Park 4:00

Sept 3rd Ruby’s Barn 4859 Elk Road 3:00-4:30. Donations.

Halloween Oak Bay festival 2-5:30

Dec 8th Spiral Cafe 6:30-8:30


May 6th The Oaks Restaurant 6-8 pm

May 21st Food on the Beach Langford Lagoon 6-8 pm

June 11th James Bay Market 1:00- 2:30 pm

August 14th Ruby’s Barn 4910 West Saanich Rd. 1:00pm

August 7th HCP fundraiser 2:00-3:45

August 10th Ruby’s Barn 1:00

August 20th Oak Bay Street 2:00-4:00

August 30th HCP Alumni Party 5:00-8:00

September 10th Duncan Market Duncan B.C. 10:00 am 2:00 pm

September 14th Oak Bay Night Market 4:00-6:00

September 16th Brentwood Emporium song writer 7:30-9:30

September 17th Light Up The Hills Langford 7:30-9:30

September 24th James Bay Market 9:30 -1:00 am

October 31st Oak Bay Halloween 2:00- 5:00

December 10th Caleb Pike House Evening concert 699 Caleb Pike Rd.


February 23/20 As a duo at the Victoria Folk Music Society 9:00pm

April 24/20 as a 4 piece band at The Spiral Café 7:00pm for the evening till 9:00pm