May 16th Esquimalt Market 6:15-7:15

May 18th gravitation James Bay Burke and friends 9:30 am

May 25th Gravitation James Bay 11:15-12:45pm

June 15th James Bay Gravitation 11:15-12:45

June 29th Duncan Market 10:00-2:00 gravitation

July 8th Duncan 39 Days of July 1:00 pm

July 10th Oak Bay Market 4-6pm gravitation

July 18th Duncan 39 days of July 2:00 pm

July 20th gravitation Oak Bay Ave. Noon – 2:00

August 2nd. Oak Bay on the Avenue Noon-2:00 Gravitation

August 8th Sidney Market 7-8:15 pm gravitation

August 11th Ruby’s Barn 4859 Elk Rd. 3:00-5:00 gravitation

August 24th Colwood Corners 5:30-7:30

August 31st Duncan Market 10:00-2:00 gravitation.

October 4th Spiral Cafe 6:30-8:30 Gravitation

Upcoming Events     Also posted on Gravitation page 


April 30th Victoria Folk Music Society

May 10th Duncan Market 10:00am-2;00pm Gravitation

May 12th Spiral Cafe 6:30-8:30 Gravitation

May 20th Burke at James Bay Market  maybe me too for a song ?

June 14th Oak Bay Market 4-6 Gravitation

June 17th James Bay Market 11:15-12:45 Gravitation

July 1st Duncan Market 10-2 Gravitation

July 5th 39 Days of July Duncan 1:00-2:00 Gravitation

July 15th James Bay Market  Bill Hamilton plus surprises

July 20th 39 Days of July Duncan 2:00 pm Gravitation

July 27th HCP Horticultural Fund Alumni 5:00-8:00 Gravitation

Aug 12th James Bay 11:15-12:45 Gravitation

Aug 13th HCP Horticultural college fund raiser pm? Gravitation

Aug 25th James Bay 9:30-11:00

Aug 25th Nanaimo Beban Park 4:00-4:30

Sept 3rd The Barn 3:00 pm 4859 Elk Road Victoria

Halloween Gravitation plus band Oak Bay 2:00-5:30

Dec 8th Spiral Cafe  Gravitation duo 6:30-8:30


May 6th The Oaks Restaurant. Victoria 6-8 with Burke and Brad as Gravitation

May 21st Food on the Beach Langford Lagoon 6-8

June 4th James Bay Market. Victoria . Solo 9:30-11:00

June 4th Ruby’s Barn 4910 West Saanich Rd. Victoria. John Prine/Ray fundraiser

June 11th James Bay Market. Victoria. With Gravitation. 1:00-2:30

June 28th solo 39 Days of July, Duncan BC 1:00 to 2:00 pm.  By the old train station

July 11th with Chuck McCandless. 39 Days of July in Duncan BC  1:00  to 2:00 pm

July 16th solo 39 Days of July in Duncan BC  1:00 pm to 2:00pm

August 14th. Gravitation at Ruby’s Barn. 4910 West Saanich Rd. Victoria. 1:30- 4:00 By donations .

August 20th Oak Bay at Ottavios 2:00-4:00

August 30th HCP Alumni Party 5:00-8:00

Sept. 10th Duncan Market 10:00-2:00 with Gravitation.( Burke Rosen, Brad Hawkes)

Sept 14th Oak Bay Market 4:00-6:00 pm Gravitation

Sept 16th Brentwood  Emporium? Gravitation

Sept 17th Langford Light Up the Hills Lantern Festival 7:30-9:30 Gravitation

Sept. 24th James Bay Market. Victoria. Gravitation (Burke and Brad)  9:30-11:00 Gravitation

October 31st Oak Bay Halloween 2:00-5:00 with one wheel

December 10th Caleb Pike House with Gravitation evening concert.


Jan. 16th Sooke Folk zoom

Jan. 23 Tune Inn Zoom

Feb. 4th Host Jam on zoom

Feb. 6th Tune Inn zoom

Feb. 20th Sooke zoom

March 13th Tune Inn  zoom

March 27th Sooke Zoom

April 10th Tune Inn Zoom

April 24th Tune Inn Zoom

May 16th Sooke Folk Zoom

June 11th Tune Inn Zoom

June 19th outdoor performance 2:00 Mactavish academy Sydney

June 25th opening for 39 Days Of July 12:00 noon. live streamed from Duncan Showroom

July 6th outdoor stage 12:00 noon 39 days of July with Burke too

July 11th songwriter at Ruby’s Barn Deck Saanich Rd

July 16th with Chuck 1:00 pm at 39 Days of July outdoor stage.

July 24th 9:30-11:00am solo at The James Bay Market outdoors

August 14th Zoom performance with Burke and I (Gravitation) from Caleb Pike House email for meeting

August 28th Zoom performance 7:00pm from Tune Inn email for meeting

September 18th Burke and I (Gravitation) at James Bay Market 9:30-11:00

Oct 3rd Afternoon with Burke and I and friends The Barn 4910 West Saanich Road Victoria

November 13th Zoom from the historical Caleb Pike House with Burke and I as Gravitation.  email for link up


February 23rd/20   Featuring at Victoria Folk Music Society. Myself and Burke Rosen as Gravitation with Brad Hawkes on percussion. 9:00pm. One of 3 featured acts that night. $7.00 or free if you play the open mike at 7:30.

April 24th/20  At The Spiral Café for an evening of Gravitation music with myself, Burke Rosen, Brad Hawkes on percussion and Eric James on Bass. 7:00pm

September 24 HCP alumni Party outside at the Garden

October 16th Zoom open mike Sooke Folk

November 7th Zoom Tune Inn from The Kootneys

November 21st zoom Sooke Folk

Nov. 28th Zoom Tune Inn

Dec. 12th Tune Inn zoom

Dec. 19th Sooke zoom


Jan. 24th/19 Esquimalt indoor Market 4:30-5:50pm Rec. Center

Jan.26th/19 Evedar’s Bistro, Langford 6:00-9:00pm

Mar.7th/19 Esquimalt indoor Market 6:00-7:30pm Rec. Center

March 16th/19 Sooke Music Society featured performer 9:00pm Murray Rd. in Sooke

March 29th/19 Evedar’s Bistro Langford 6:00-9:00pm

June 22nd/19 Moss St. Farmer”s Market 10am-Noon

June 27th/19 Sooke Night Market 5-8:00pm

June 29th/19 Goldstream Farmer”s Market 12:00-2:00pm

July 6th/19 James Bay Farmers Market 9:30-11:30am

July 9th/19  39 days of July, Duncan with Chuck McCandless 1-2:00pm

July 13th/19 Roundhouse Cafe 1:30-3:30pm

July 17th/19  39 days of July in Duncan with Chuck McCandless Noon-1:00pm

July 18th/19 Esquimalt Market 4:50-5:30

July 23rd/19  39 days of July Festival in Duncan with Chuck McCandless 1-2:00pm

August 17th Roundhouse Cafe 1:30-3:30

August 24th/19 James Bay Farmers Market 9:30-11:00am

September 6th/19 Spiral Cafe with Beautiful Luck 7:00-9:00pm

October 20th/19 Mechosin Farmers Market 11:00-2:00pm

December 6th/19 at The Spiral Café with “Gravitation” 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Bill Hamilton, Burke Rosen, Eric James, Brad Hawkes.

December 14th with Burke Rosen opener for Caleb Pike House in the Highlands 7:00pm


May 5th/18 Moss Street Market Noon-2:00pm

May 24th/18 Bob Dylan Night, Gorgeous Coffee. Many performers 8:00pm

May 25th/18 Music Night with Robbie Hancock I will play 1 set. Gorgeous Coffee 8:00pm start

June 15th Summer in the City Festival Steinbach MB. 2:10-2:50 main stage

June 30th/18 James Bay Farmers Market, 9:30-11:00am. morning

July 2nd Victoria Gorge Rd. Canada Day 10:30-10:55 am Cloquitz Stage

July 6th Downtown, Duncan BC, 39 Days of July Festival, Noon. with Chuck McCandless

July 15th/18 Saanich Sunday Market 12:15-2:00pm

July 18th Oakland Sunset Market, Wednesday,  4:30-6:30pm

August 2nd Downtown, Duncan BC, 39 Days of July Festival, 2:00 pm, with Chuck McCandless

August 4th/18 James Bay Farmers Market 9:30-11:00 am. morning

August 8th/18 Oak Bay Village Night Market 4:00-6:00pm

August 23rd/18 Esquimalt Farmers Market 4:50-5:30 pm

September 1st/18 private dock party Fisherman’s Wharf 4:30

September 6th/18 Esquimalt Farmers Market 5:50-6:30pm

September 9th/18 Artist on Board Via Rail from Vancouver to Winnipeg.

September 20th/18 Artist on Board Via Rail from Winnipeg to Vancouver.

October 4th/18 Esquimalt Farmers Market indoors 4:30-5:50

October 13th/18 Threshold homeless teens Fundraiser De Dutch restaurant

October 19th/18 Bring it on Cabaret with beautiful Luck Oak Bay 1355 Mitchell

October 20th/18 private house concert with Beautiful Luck

November 1st/18 Esquimalt Farmers Market 4:30-5:50

November 23rd?18 Spiral Cafe with Beautiful Luck 7:00pm

Dec. 9th 3-5pm  at the Yurt 3-5 4910 West Saanich Road..Ruby’s Farm

Dec. 28th at Evedar’s Bistro 6:30-9:30pm

Recent activities

Sante Coffee House, Victoria

Evedar’s Bistro Office Party, Victoria

Happiness Experts Holliday Concert, Victoria

Fundraiser for Mustard Seed Food Bank. Gorgeous Coffee, Victoria

Evedar’s Bistro Dinner Concert, Victoria

Gorgeous Coffee Solo Concerts, Victoria

Victoria House Concerts

Duncan Showroom

Duncan39 days of July 2017

Duncan Brew Pub

Lion Rampant Pub, Maple Bay

Bill as been a regular performer at Prairie Ink in Winnipeg and at the Steinbach Summer in the City Festival in Manitoba. Bill produced and directed the Whiteshell Music Festival at Falcon Lake, Manitoba for 10 years running.

Contact info:


“So clever, so funny, so true!”

“Bill is a poet who crafts his reflections of life into beautiful songs for thirsty ears.”

“He’s the real deal. A deep artist”

“Watching Witnessing a master at his craft and calling.”

“His original songs have a great storyline and catch the listeners’ ear.” Adam Young

“Your singing and guitar playing are magical for me. Your renditions of Beatles songs are amazing!” Mike Humphrey, England

“Listening to him perform is like a therapeutic release.” Flo , Winnipeg

“We’re looking forward to hosting you, Bill. Thanks, as always, for playing in our space. We’re very much looking forward to having you back!” John Toews

“Awesome to have you here! You are just incredible, I really loved hearing you again!”     Laurie Anne Tomin, Evedars Bistro

“Loved the set we heard last night – You shone like a star! You are great, so glad to have you!” Paul Krismer, Happiness Experts